Upper Floor Balloon Activity

Upper Floor Balloon Activity
Posted on 01/19/2023
To kick off the new year the third - sixth grade classrooms on the upper floor of the building brought the students together to engage in an exercise about kindness. In this activity, each student blew up their own balloon and wrote their names on it. Once the students walked into the hallway, they were instructed to throw their balloon on the floor and allow the teachers to mix up the balloons all across the hallway. Once the balloons were distributed all over the hallway, the students had 30 seconds to find their own balloon with their name on it. 

Once the 30 seconds had passed, the students whom did not find their own balloon were instructed to pick up a random balloon with anyone's name on it. 

Once the student received the balloon, they walked back to class with it and wrote a positive note to the owner of the balloon.

The students then returned the balloons to their rightful owners and delivered their kind message.

The lesson to be learned with this is that showing kindness to others can help bring kindness to you. The students had a hard time finding their own balloon in a sea of balloons, but once they had the help of others it made finding their own balloon a lot easier. Writing the positive message was an additional treat as it teaches and encourages our students to be kind and helpful to others.

The students at David Hill strive to meet our daily standards of Respect, Responsibility, and kind and this activity continues to promote this vision.
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